Pittsboro Baptist Church, firmly rooted in the history of our community, was organized less than 100 years after Pittsboro Village was established.  Around 1845, a few Baptist believers banded together determined to provide a meeting place for worship.  Plans were made and construction began in 1847 on the current property on West Salisbury Street, at the cost of $1,200.  Soon after the doors were opened a severe windstorm damaged the roof, and due to lack of church membership, the roof was not repaired.  For several years the Meeting House was home to livestock as the church was disbanded.

In 1878, the church was reorganized and the Meeting House remodeled with a membership of nine - two couples and their five daughters.  These earnest members gave of themelves in every way possible to re-establish the church.  The membership grew considerably during the late 1800s and early 1900s and a recommendation to build a new worship center to hold the increasing numbers was made November 12, 1943.  However, since World War II was in progress, plans were postponed until a more proper time.

In December 1946, a pencil sketch of the proposed building was presented to the church.  During this meeting, Reverend J. M. Page, the architect for the new project, pointed out if members would put prayer in the heart of their program they "need fear no obstacles which might arise in the promotion of the work."  In 1948, a century after the original building was constructed, it was torn down and replaced with the present sanctuary and middle education wing.  The first service in this new building was held Sunday, March 13, 1949.

In May of 1966, Pittsboro Baptist Church voted to accept a new educational facility building program, the last major construction performed on our current facility.  The plans called for a new three-story building containing 25 classrooms, fellowship hall, kitchen, pastor's study, offices, and library.  The church moved into the $172,366 expansion on October ww, 1967, which currently accommodates our preschool, nursery, Sunday school, staff, and youth programs.

Planning for growth, under the direction of Pastor Ron Rarrar, PBC purchased 53 acres off of Highway 902, south of our present location.  On December 8, 2004, the church voted to start a 902 building fund, preparing for the future build.  While data was being collected, years passed until the summer of 2008.  A Mobilizing to Build campaign was begun. 

Last Published: February 19, 2018 6:41 PM
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